Crafting The Perfect Lid


We reckon we've made the perfect cap. It's a bold statement as a lot of it comes down to personal preference, but just hear us out for a bit.

There are three aspects of what makes our caps so damn good: sustainability, performance, and fit.

So let's start off with sustainability. Our caps are made out of hemp. Hemp is amazing because it has a variety of properties that benefit the environment, including taking heaps of carbon out of the atmosphere and requiring no pesticides to grow. You can check out an awesome list of reasons why hemp is amazing for the planet here.

Next up, performance. Because our hats are made out of hemp, they are built to last. Hemp wears in, it doesn't wear out. Hemp is breathable and has anti-bacterial properties which means that your head won't overheat on those balmy summer days, and your lid won't stink if you do sweat it up.

Finally, the fit. What good is a sustainable, well-built hat if you look like a goober wearing it? We've gone with a mid-crown shape to satisfy most head types. We've also structured our hats as 6-panels with a bit more weight at the top of the cap so that it's not too boxy, but it also doesn't fit like a swimming cap to the shape of your head. Ultimately the lid is designed to work with whatever head-shape you've got going and to make you look bloody beautiful in it.