A few weeks ago, our mates Winston and Flynn from Happy Daze Studio took their Goodlids out on a bit of an adventure to Castlepoint! Here's their yarn about the trip:

On a particularly dreary morning in The Capital, we felt the need to get out of the city for the night. So we did the classic last minute packing and headed for some clear skies. We took the road north to Castlepoint, a slice of paradise only two and a half hours drive from Wellington. Castlepoint is a little town on the Wairarapa coast, it was so named in 1770 by Captain Cook. The Maori name for the region is Rangiwhakaoma, which translates to 'where the sky runs'.


Goodlids Hemp Clothing
Castlepoint New Zealand Surfing Camping


Once we arrived, the sun was out and it was smiles all round. Without any hesitation, we headed straight for the Castlepoint inlet to score ourselves a home for the night. The swell was on and we were keen to get into the water, so before setting up camp we went to enjoy some waves.

Castlepoint Surfing Camping
Castlepoint New Zealand Surfing Camping


After a pleasant few hours surfing, it was time sit down for a refreshment and enjoy the sun.

Castlepoint New Zealand Surf
Goodlids New Zealand


Fortunately for us, our mate Sam had been fishing the day before and brought some along for a post surf snack. How good!


Goodlids New Zealand Camping


Castlepoint Camping Beach


Castlepoint Beach



The sun was dipping behind the hills, so we set up camp for the night. Our Feldon shelters made this easy as can be, and within a few minutes we were all set.


Feldon Shelter Camping


Land Rover Feldon Shelter


After a long day we were pretty tired and hungry, and pizzas were on the menu.



Goodlids Hemp Clothing New Zealand


We woke fresh after a good nights rest and snuck in one last surf before packing up.


Feldon Shelter Goodlids
Castlepoint beach lighthouse
Range Rover Feldon Shelter



It wouldn’t be camping if we didn’t have some good old baked beans for brekkie, so we cooked some up and went into the local dairy to collect some coffee for everyone.


Castlepoint picnic


Castlepoint Camping


Once we were all refuelled, it was time to pack up and reluctantly leave Castlepoint. 


Classic Range Rover Beach
Castlepoint Store

Although we were only there for a night, it was refreshing to get out of the city and a perfect start to the summer ahead.


Nothing ventured, nothing gained.