Our Story


One beautiful summer’s eve, two Kiwi brothers sat watching the sunset. They remarked about the beauty of our planet, and wondered how they could do their part to preserve it. The two lads squinted as the sunset gleamed off the Pacific, both dipped their heads in unison to let the peak of their caps shade their eyes. It was at this very moment they contemplated blending two of their great passions, headwear and Mother Earth. And so as the sun set on the horizon that evening, Goodlids was born.

Goodlids is a label that prides itself on the design of headwear that is groovy, sustainable and serves its purpose to accompany you on your adventures in the great outdoors. Headwear that is nice for your head and good for the planet. We've worked hard to bring you a brand that you can wear, with the knowledge that by doing so, you are doing right by the planet and all that inhabit it.