Why Hemp?

Goodlids uses hemp fibre blends exclusively in our products. We think hemp is pretty cool, here are five reasons why:

1. Hemp is incredibly good at taking carbon out of the atmosphere

Hemp has the ability to take high amounts of carbon out of the atmosphere through photosynthesis. For every tonne of hemp grown, it sequesters 1.63 tonnes of carbon dioxide - thats about four times that of trees.

2. Hemp doesn’t require pesticides to grow

Unlike some other natural fibres such as cotton or flax, hemp doesn’t require pesticides to grow. Pesticides are incredibly harmful to our waterways and oceans.

3. Hemp requires little water to grow

Hemp requires about a quarter of the amount of water that cotton requires to grow, this is because hemp is self-irrigating.

4. Hemp can prevent deforestation

Hemp grows really quickly, and hemp can make many of the things that trees are cut down for, such as paper. If hemp products can emerge as a scalable substitute for tree products, it will go a long way toward preventing deforestation

5. Hemp regenerates the soil

Hemp is full of nutrients which enrich the soil. Once the hemp is harvested, the soil has been enriched, making for a richer yield the following season.

Pretty cool, hey? 🌱