Catching up with Winston and Flynn of Happy Daze Studio

Introducing Winston Brinsley and Flynn Grey from Happy Daze Studio! These two fellas are big contributors to the business, shooting a lot of the Goodlids lifestyle shots, and adventure blogs! Winston and Flynn juggle Happy Daze, with their studies in Wellington. We're happy as to share this interview with you guys, as we continue to introduce key members of our business to our customers!


Tell us a little bit about yourself!

Happy Daze is a creative content studio based in Wellington. Two mates shared the same hobbies in photography and videography and were looking to put it to work. The idea came about during lockdown last year to start up something cool that we were passionate about. The past year has been awesome, we have met and worked with lots of great kiwis. 


What does a typical day look like for you guys?

Coffee. That's the first port of call haha. We are both full-time uni students, so it generally starts with some study or lectures. Then in the afternoon we work on Happy Daze stuff, whether it's out shooting content or planning upcoming projects and trips. We’ll always try to sneak in a surf if we can too!



If you could work with any brand in the world, who would you choose to work with and why?

There are so many exciting brands out there so that’s a tricky one. But I’d say it would have to be Corona, just because their filming locations are always so dreamy! Not a bad drop either!



What is your favourite Goodlids product?

It's hard to say because we love them all! But we’ve really been enjoying the tees. Super comfy, high quality, and a great fit. The hats are a part of our everyday outfit too of course!


Outside of your creative work, what are you passionate about?

Outside of Happy Daze we are both currently studying, myself (Winston) studying graphic design and Flynn studies creative media production. So we have a big interest in those fields as well which helps us with Happy Daze of course!

Anything outdoors tickles our fancy which is probably shown through our work. Camping, surfing, and skiing would be at the top of the list. Just simply getting out there and enjoying the backyard we have here in New Zealand.



How has that passion helped you build Happy Daze studio?

If the passion is there and you're motivated anythings possible. We love what we do just as much as working with, and alongside like-minded people. We set out a bunch of brand principles to stick by and got to work, with the pure enjoyment of doing what we do, the rest comes naturally (and hard work of course haha).


What is something that you’re excited for in 2021?

Just to continue producing work that we are proud of. We’re also looking to expand our content a bit more by working on some bigger projects and personal stuff. We are working on getting a website up in the next couple of months which we are excited about. Not only will we be displaying all our work and personal projects, but we also plan to integrate a journal page where we document and share other interesting work around photo\videography and design.