Five of the Best: Goodlids Hats

At the time of publishing (August 2021), we've made over 70 different hat styles. Today, we're narrowing down to five of the best we reckon we've made.

5. Rise'n Shine Lid - White/Teal

First released in January 2020 and selling out in three days, this hat was our first real flyer. A two-tone rendition of the original Teal Rise'n Shine Lid, adding the white base made the red sunrise logo pop a bit more, and added some nice contrast to the teal brim. A true summer favourite.

Availability: Out of Stock (Back in stock September 2021)



4. Mustang Lid

In February 2020, we started getting heaps of messages after Electric Ave festival in Christchurch. Wax Mustang performed in one of our hats. I called my mum straight away "Mum, we made it". A few months later, we came together to release what came to be the fastest-selling lid we've ever produced. Sold out in minutes, some say it's the holy grail of New Zealand headwear.

Availability: Out of Stock (Back in stock late 2021)


3. Scenic Lid - Navy/Lavender

Inspired by scenic views of the sun setting above the Southern Alps, where the sky turns to hues of purple and blue. A washed navy and faded lavender two-tone, we knew we'd made a winner when we designed the Scenic Lid. 

Availability: Out of Stock (Back in stock October 2021)



2. Field Flower Lid - Navy/Teal

A two-tone floral beauty, the Field Flower Lid was a Vacation Studio design that we had for a long time, without really knowing how to use it. When in doubt, we tend to whack a design on a two-tone hat. This one turned out better than we could ever have imagined.

Availability: Out of Stock (Back in stock October 2021)



1. Signature Lid - Black

The crown couldn't have gone to any other lid than the OG Goodlids hat, the Black Signature Lid. A nice and simple hat, with our classic signature logo on a yellow badge with a red trim. The Black Signature is a wardrobe-stable for any lid lover.

Availability: Out of Stock (Back in stock September 2021)