Circular Packaging Method



We're really excited to announce that we are moving towards a more circular shipping model with our business as part of our Sustainability Program!


To be circular means to 'circle back' into the earth, so that we are essentially giving back what we take from mother nature. This means less waste in landfill, and making the most out of the products that we produce!


As part of this change, we are now offering our customers an option to either compost, or recycle their parcel, as well as removing plastic sellotape from our packaging. At checkout, you will be provided with a choice between a compostable bag, or a recyclable cardboard box. This choice allows our customers to responsibly recycle their packaging if they don't have access to a compost bin!


This is just the first of a number of changes that we are rolling out in the pursuit of becoming a truly sustainable business. Check out our Sustainability Program for more info!